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    BoardPusher Thrasher Ad 


    While you’re thumbing through the July 2015 issue of Thrasher Magazine, keep an eye out for team rider Mitch Schmidt in the latest BoardPusher.com ad. This shot was captured by Mathieu Claudon while Mitch was over in France tearing it up.

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    Lee Wilson – Denver Lunchbox Series 


    When we first met Lee Wilson, he was just a teenage skate runt hustling people for rides to any and all skateparks in Colorado. Now, Lee is one of the most recognized figures in the Denver skate scene. From charging hips for big 360 melons to hurling himself down big stair sets, it’s common for Lee to garner a crowd as soon as he sets his sights on his next trick. Tasked with the mighty feat of getting Lee to stop skating for any amount of time, we pulled him from one of his favorite spots, brought him over to our Art Director’s backyard studio, strapped Lee with some spray paint and art supplies, and let him loose on a few DIY canvases. We also chatted with Lee about his skateboarding style, the design concept, and contents of the Denver Lunchbox.

    Like most true street skateboarders in Denver, Lee spends a lot of time on East Colfax searching for stair sets and gaps.

    “That’s the fun for me. Also, flip tricks all day, like if I’m going new school I like doing nollie heel noselsides, get all tech like, but my favorite old school trick, I’d have to say stapler. I go tight trucks, though. Can’t be loose in the street.”

    When we asked Lee what his main motivation was he told us

    “Not get hurt. I just try my hardest not to get hurt. I feel like if I go fast then it gives me more confidence to land on the skateboard”

    Lee filled us in on the idea for the Denver Lunchbox series,

    “So the Denver Lunchbox means to me the three things that make a good skate day. To me, if I have all those things, it’s hard to not enjoy my day. Though, If I slammed a burger before skating I’d probably have the itis. H-Burger is the best in Denver, that place is bomb.”

    Lee has definitely taken advantage of Colorado’s progressive laws and let us know

    “Blue dream is the best strain I ever smoked. I sat on a ledge at D-park thinking I had HD for 3 hours.”

    When asked about going through the design process, Lee let us know,

    “I learned how to have an artistic side. It was really hard at first figuring out where to start when creating the graphics, but with Dave’s [BoardPusher’s Art Director] guidance, the idea became a lot easier. Definitely inspired to create more, but I need some more spray paint.”

    Oh yeah, the 40oz deck, can you skate hungover?

    “That’s usually how I do it. Also, that’s the one thing I’ll never be too drunk to do.”



    Pick up one of Lee’s hand designed Denver Lunchbox decks here and check out a clip of Lee and the rest of the BoardPusher.com team skating here.

    You can create your own custom skateboards at BoardPusher.com.



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      I’ll be building xgames this year hmu!

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    BoardPusher Team Rider Mitch Schmidt’s Hand Designed $TFG Series 


    Mitch Schmidt is a guyIMG_5375_300 consistently on the move. Forever on tour, when he made his way back through Colorado, we shackled Mitch to our art dungeon, threw a few canvases at him and armed him with a handful of different art supplies. Mitch busted out his sketch book, scanned through quite a few long standing deck ideas, and got to it.

    Inspired by his passion to constantly create (and possibly his obtainable freedom), Mitch knocked out quite a few graphics in a short time. We scanned the designs and let Mitch and our Art Director touch up a few things digitally and now BoardPusher team rider Mitch Schmidt has his own line of self designed skate decks up in the BoardPusher.com store. You can snag Mitch’s decks here.



    We asked Mitch to shed some light on the $TFG mentality, “It was something that sort of came about when I first started taking skateboarding a little bit more seriously. My friends and I would just sort of yell out ‘Shred the fucking gnar!’ or ‘Skate the fucking gnar!’ whenever we were out skating. I started spray painting it on my grip tape and where ever I went other skateboarders would start saying it to me. Eventually, other kids I skated and filmed with began adopting it, too, and it kind of turned into our own skate crew.”

    Mitch also elaborated a little bit on the $TFG monster (top image),”The monster just came from a sketch that I had and the want to create a simple character to represent shredding the fucking gnar. It was something that I could spray paint quickly and attach to the $TFG tag and it just evolved into sort of a mascot.”

    Check out Mitch Schmidt’s $TFG line.




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    #SkateYourOwnDesign and Win a FREE Custom Skateboard 


    It has always been the underground that drives the skate industry and influences the art and style of mainstream skateboarding. Since so many of you are taking it upon yourselves to create your own style by designing skateboard decks on BoardPusher.com, we want you to be part of the growing culture of skateboarders and artists that are creating graphics and art related to skateboarding. Grab your camera or mobile device and head to your favorite spot and snap some photos of you skating your BoardPusher skateboard. Then hop on your preferred social media site; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, and use the hashtag #skateyourowndesign to share your pictures with the skate art community. Every time you use this hashtag you will automatically be entered into our periodic drawing for a free skateboard. It doesn’t matter if you’re switch flipping a 12 set or trying to no comply up a curb, all photography and skill levels are welcome, we just want to see how you enjoy skating. Have fun with it!

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      Skateboarding has been part of my life for over 20 years. Tony Hawk was a huge influence and the movie, Gleaming the Cube.

      • Ralph Michael Brekan (@RalphBrekan) 7:52 pm on July 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Me too. I saw a very young Tony Hawk and Mike McGill at an exhibition in Texas as a kid. One of the highlights of my career as a artist/filmmaker was working with Catherine Hardwicke (Thrashin, Lords of Dogtown) on Three Kings.

    • Nathan 4:59 pm on February 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      i have been skateboarding since i was 7years old, and tony hawk was a big infuence for me.

    • Reign 10:09 pm on May 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I finally got my first skatebord for Christmas. And skating has became my life. I may be 13 with no sponsers but i will get there. I promised myself.

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    • Pheladi Kekane 3:50 pm on June 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I love skating because it makes me feel like a happy and it make me feel like a professional

    • Meverette K Buckley 6:30 pm on August 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Who can design a Dragon affect for me to gift my grandson.

    • Zena 9:28 pm on August 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I love skateboard I’m only 14 and ever since my boyfriend and his friends said girls can’t skateboard I have been skating and showing them that just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t skateboard

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