#SkateYourOwnDesign and Win a FREE Custom Skateboard

Published On September 24, 2013 by SMC


It has always been the underground that drives the skate industry and influences the art and style of mainstream skateboarding. Since so many of you are taking it upon yourselves to create your own style by designing skateboard decks on BoardPusher.com, we want you to be part of the growing culture of skateboarders and artists that are creating graphics and art related to skateboarding. Grab your camera or mobile device and head to your favorite spot and snap some photos of you skating your BoardPusher skateboard. Then hop on your preferred social media site; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, and use the hashtag #skateyourowndesign to share your pictures with the skate art community. Every time you use this hashtag you will automatically be entered into our periodic drawing for a free skateboard. It doesn’t matter if you’re switch flipping a 12 set or trying to no comply up a curb, all photography and skill levels are welcome, we just want to see how you enjoy skating. Have fun with it!

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