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All BoardPusher Skateboard Decks are

  • 100% Canadian Maple, the best wood for making skateboards, period.
  • Made in Canada, right at the source of the best wood there is for making skateboards: Canadian Maple. We don't cut any corners. This is the best there is.
  • Printed in Denver, Colorado. Your graphic is digitally printed and applied by hand, using BoardPusher's unique Digital Heat Transfer process.
  • Guaranteed to match our online preview.

Reviews by BoardPusher Customers

What our users have to say out BoardPusher Decks

  • "I was a little worried at first about how the decks turn but having seen, felt, and held the decks in my hand they are absolutely beautiful!!!… Thanks again BP for a wonderful job and I think I'll be getting all of my decks from you from now on."
  • "Printed just great! I'm sure I will do more now that I've seen the results. Great job guys! Thanks!"
  • "I personally really like them. Good pop, graphics have come out great on the 4 designs I have ordered thus far."
  • "I was super impressed with the quality the first time I got one."
  • "Just got my deck, wanted to see how it rode and felt afoot. I was surprised to say the least (no offence meant), its was awesome. I'm used to riding my heavy ass mystery, this deck is so light and easy to flip compared to my mystery. 10/10 man, good work. Anyone who isn't sure about getting a deck from here shouldn't be, their great."
  • "just got my first board in the post today and it's amazing. superb quality, i cant wait to get the trucks and wheels on and take it out on the street!"
  • "They are great boards. I went through 3 boards in a week , but cant seem to go through a BP board for at least a month."
  • "You guys are great. I've ordered 5 boards from you now and they're all top quality ;) I'll be ordering a lot more in the future, so remember my name.;)"