Skateboard Base Print Options

Help / Skateboard Base Print Options

There are three "base" options in the skateboard designer: natural, full color and metallic silver. The desriptions of each type are below. On the example boards next to each description, the line with no extra color applied is on the left side, 2nd from top. When you design a custom skateboard, any white in your uploaded images and text will show up as the color in that line.

Natural Background

With a natural background, the wood grain of the deck will show through your design. Any white in your design or images will be knocked out and the natural grain of the deck will show through. The color white will not print on natural backgrounds. Lighter colors will appear semi-transparent which will slightly change the tone of the colors.

Full Color Background

The full color backgrounds are completely opaque. The colors in your uploaded designs will print true to your file. This option is recommended for decks with photos.

Metallic Silver Background

Silver metallic backgrounds are very reflective and shiny. Like the natural backgrounds, white is knocked out for silver backgrounds and the silver shows through. The colors printed on silver backgrounds will take on some of the reflective metallic aspects of the backgrounds, which can also slightly darken the colors over all.