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How good are BoardPusher.com decks?
The decks are perfect. Strong, lots of pop, and really light. 100% Canadian Maple, made in North America, and at the top of industry standards. Everyone at BoardPusher.com skateboards, and we take pride in the quality of our decks. We wouldn't want to skate anything else. Many third party reviews of our products have been posted on our forum as well. Get more skateboard deck information and user reviews on the deck info page.

Where on the skateboard is the graphic applied?
The graphic is applied to the bottom of the skateboard.

What concave are the decks?
All decks are by default medium concave. High concave decks are available by request only and are the same price as the medium concave. To request a high concave deck, place the order as usual and send the order number and request to info@boardpusher.com or call 1-888-615-8704. A representative will contact you regarding the request.

Requests have to be sent the same day of the order. BoardPusher.com is not liable for high concave requests sent after the day of the order.

Do you sell complete skateboards?
Yes. BoardPusher now offers the option to complete a custom deck with trucks, wheels, griptape and hardware. When previewing your completed custom skateboard, just check the complete box for a list of available parts. BoardPusher offers a number of brands including Independent, Thunder, Venture, Spitfire, Pig, Authobahn, and more.


What file formats does BoardPusher support?
BoardPusher accepts .jpg and .png files.

Where can I find templates?
You can download templates for all of the BoardPusher shapes, as well as some design hints at the following link: https://www.boardpusher.com/help/design-tips-templates

Will BoardPusher design my board?
BoardPusher.com does not provide design services, but there are some designers that offer these services through the shop directory and the forum (www.forumpusher.com).

All dimensions are listed for vertical deck designs. For horizontal deck designs, you need to flip the dimensions. Recommended resolution for best printing is 300DPI.

Can BoardPusher print a white logo onto a natural background?
White graphics can not be printed on a natural background.

More design tips


How long will it take?
It usually takes between 5-10 days to produce the deck from the date the order is placed. US orders are shipped via UPS ground, which takes 3-5 days. International orders are shipped via regular mail and take 2-4 weeks.

Express shipping rates within the U.S.A. are as follows:
UPS Ground (default) = $9 (4-5 business days)

2 day UPS = $45

Overnight UPS Overnight = $65

Express shipping requests must be sent to info@boardpusher.com or by calling 1-888-615-8704. Please include the order number, the date you need it by and your contact information. A representative will contact you shortly.

Can I place an order by phone?
Telephone orders can be placed with a credit card and by calling1-888-615-8704. Please have your cart number and credit card available. If there is no one available to take your call, leave a message and we will call you back immediately.

How do I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of the order by entering your order number and email address at the following link: https://www.boardpusher.com/help/order-status

Once the order has been shipped, the above link will supply you a UPS tracking number for US orders.

How do I change my shipping or billing address?
If you have placed an order and need to change either the shipping or billing address, please send the request to info@boardpusher.com or call 1-888-615-8704. Be sure to clarify what you want to change, order number and contact information.

How much does it cost to ship __ amount of boards to __ ?
Users can view the shipping charges by first creating the shopping cart and then precede to checkout. Shipping costs will be listed once the country and number of boards is selected. For bulk orders of 10 decks or more, contact us at info@boardpusher.com or 1-888-615-8704.

My country is not on the list.
If your country is not listed on the country list during the checkout process, you can send the request, your shopping cart number, and contact info to info@boardpusher.com. A representative will contact you shortly with purchasing options.

I lost or forgot my order number.
If you can't locate your order number, you can send an order number request from the order email address to info@boardpusher.com or call 1-888-615-8704.

How do I use my coupon code?
To redeem your coupon, you first need to select items for your cart. Next you select "View Cart" from the top menu bar and then enter the coupon code at the bottom and click "apply" before you check out.

Why doesn't my coupon code work?
Sometimes if you apply a coupon code to a cart without checking out, it will need to be reset. To have it reset, contact us at info@boardpusher.com or 1-888-615-8704.

My order still says "pending," is there something wrong?
Once an order is placed, its status can be checked by clicking the "order status" link at the bottom of any BoardPusher.com page. It will say "order pending" until the order starts production. Once shipped, the status will say "order complete" and will supply a UPS tracking number for orders shipped in the USA. International orders cannot be tracked, but usually take between 2-4 weeks to be delivered depending on customs.

How do I cancel an order?
To cancel an order, either send the request to info@boardpusher.com or call 1-888-615-8704. Cancellations will only be granted if the deck has not yet been started in production.


What good is a user profile?
With a BoardPusher user profile you'll be able to:

  • Save Deck Designs
  • Enter the Deck Contest
  • Upload Skateboarding Pics
  • Post Pic Comments
  • Receive BoardPusher.com News Emails

You'll also have your own link on the BoardPusher site with your pics and deck designs.

Do I have to create a user profile to purchase decks?
You can design and purchase decks without creating a user profile. However once your order is competed, BoardPusher will not keep a copy of your design unless it is saved in a profile.

How do I create a user profile?
User profiles are free and all you need is an email address. You can sign up for a user profile at: https://www.boardpusher.com/login/new-profile

I did not receive activation email.
Sometimes the registration confirmation email is filtered by spam or junk mail filters. Please check those folders for the confirmation. If you still can't find it, then send an email from the registered email account to info@boardpusher.com with "Resend registration confirmation" as the subject.

How do I change my profile name?
You can change your profile name by logging into your account, go to my account, and edit profile info.

How do I change my user email address?
If you would like to change the email address on your user profile, you must send the request to info@boardpusher.com from your old email address in order to verify identity.

I can't remember my password.
You can request to change your password by following this link: https://www.boardpusher.com/login/forgot-password

Can I change the prices on the decks in my profile?
In order to profit from the sale of your decks you must purchase a shop subscription.


When do I get paid for the decks my shop has sold?
Once a deck has been purchased from a BoardPusher shop, the funds are held for 30 days to make sure that the products are not returned. BoardPusher sends profit payments to shop owners on the first of each month, for all owners who have made $20 or more. Profits carry over from one month to the next.

Whose social security number do I need to enter and why?
BoardPusher needs the social security or tax ID number for the person or entity that the checks will be sent when your shop makes money. If your shop makes $600 or more, BoardPusher will issue a 1099 tax form to the shop owner.

How do I get my shop listed on the shop page?
The shop page lists all active shops that contain 1 or more deck.

How can I be a "Featured" shop or deck?
All "Featured" selections are currently done manually. To be considered, you can send your request along with shop or deck link to info@boardpusher.com.

How do I change the name of my shop?
Send your new shop name request to info@boardpusher.com from the shop's registered email address. Prior to requesting a name change, please be sure that the new name is not already taken by checking the following link: https://www.boardpusher.com/shops

How do I cancel my shop?
To cancel a shop, you must cancel payment through Paypal.

To cancel a shop through Paypal:

1) Login to Paypal account.
2) Select account overview.
3) In the "recent activity" section will be "BoardPusher.com" whose status should read "active." Click on "details" for this item.
4) Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Cancel subscription."
5) Confirm the cancellation by again selecting "Cancel subscription" at the bottom of the page.
6) Go back to your account overview and the most recent item in the "Recent Activity" section should be the "Subscription Cancellation." The status should read "cancelled."

The account has now been cancelled and will be removed from BoardPusher.com once the time period for which you have paid expires. You should also receive an email from Paypal confirming the cancellation.


Does BoardPusher offer bulk pricing?
$42.99 per deck for 10-24 popsicle decks
$39.99 per deck for 25 or more popsicle decks

Old School/Punk Nose decks are an extra $10 per deck
Longboards/Pintails are an extra $20 per deck

Contact us at info@boardpusher.com or call 1-888-615-8704 for pricing on orders of 50 decks or more.

Bulk orders can be any combination of graphics or sizes. The prices listed above do not include shipping or grip tape and all bulk orders must be shipped to the same address.

How do I purchase a bulk order?
Bulk orders must be placed by calling 1-888-615-8704 or sending the request to info@boardpusher.com. Please leave a message if nobody answers and somebody will contact you back immediately.

Do I have to order all of the same design and size to get the bulk pricing?
Graphics and sizes do not have to be the same to get bulk pricing. The decks do however need to be shipped to the same address. Bulk order pricing does not include stickers or grip tape.


What is not acceptable?
The following types of graphics and images are strictly prohibited from the BoardPusher.com website, unless you are the owner or have received permission from the owner of the graphic or image.

  • No names, pictures, or logos of companies, products, or pro skaters (i.e. John Deere Logo, or Eric Koston's name)
  • No graphics that resemble or mimic the likeness of a third party's logo, product, or graphic.
  • No text or graphic of a third party's logo, product, or graphic.
  • No images or graphics downloaded off the internet.

You will only use graphics, images, and text that you have designed or have obtained rights to use. You will in no way infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party.

BoardPusher.com reserves the right to refund and cancel your order at any time for any reason, including copyright violations.

When does copyright apply?
As soon as an artist creates a work of art, it is protected by copyright. Artists (or their agents) then have the right to determine how and when a work can be reproduced. Similarly, all content submitted to the BoardPusher.com website is protected by International Copyright Law.

Does BoardPusher get the rights to my design?
No, BoardPusher solely reserves the right to print your graphic when it is purchased from the site. All contents you upload to BoardPusher remains your intellectual property.


How do I upload a pic?
You must have a profile and need to be logged in to upload a pic. Then you click on "My Account" and "Add a Pic" from the Pics section. This will allow you to upload pictures that are saved on your computer.

Why can't I find a picture that I've uploaded?
All uploaded photos must be approved before they are added to your profile. Photos that may be inappropriate, offensive, copyright violations, or not having to do with skateboarding will not be approved. Other questions regarding photos can be submitted to info@boardpusher.com.

How do I delete a photo in my profile?
Within the user profile section and under the "Pics" section, select the "manage pics" option. You will then have the ability to view and delete pics that you have uploaded with that profile.


Can I return a deck?
Skateboards are manufactured of sheets of laminated wood and can break under stress. Skateboard decks are not warranted and cannot be completely guaranteed by the manufacturers. Therefore, BoardPusher does not allow any returns on broken or cracked skateboard decks.

However, BoardPusher will replace skateboard decks under the following circumstances:
- Skateboard was printed incorrectly. If the skateboard received by the customer does not match the design preview on the website, the skateboard will be considered as printed incorrectly. A perfect color match cannot be guaranteed since all computer monitors do not display colors in the same way.
- Skateboard deck is returned within 30 days of receipt
- Skateboard is as new and un-skated
- Skateboard grip tape has not been applied
- Skateboard trucks, bolts, or stickers have not been applied

In lieu of replacement BoardPusher, at its sole option, may refund the purchase price. Shipping costs will not be refunded. If you need to return a product, please contact us to obtain the proper address to ship your return. Your credit card will be refunded upon receipt of your returned skateboard deck.

If you feel there is a printing error or quality issue with the product, please send the question to info@boardpusher.com. A representative will contact you shortly.