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    Featured Decks of the Day: Evan & Nao, Virginia, and Cerambyx Cerdo by SEEL 

    SEEL is a French artist who dabbles in street art, collage, and graphic design. Each is represented in today’s BoardPusher.com Featured Decks with Evan & Nao, Virginia, and Cerambyx Cerdo. SEEL took advantage of our natural and full color pressing options when creating his custom skateboard graphics. You can view SEEL’s various styles of artwork at seelecta.fr.

    Whatever your artistic medium is it can become a skateboard graphic at BoardPusher.com.

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    Featured Decks of the Day: “Art ‘N Furious – the Wall” & “Art ‘N Furious – Inside Tokyo, part 1” by Christophe Catelain 

    Today’s BoardPusher.com Featured Decks come to us from French visual artist Christophe Catelain. Christophe is influenced by street art and created these decks using thousands of his images that he’s collected from his world travels. These skateboard graphics are currently on display in Geneva, Switzerland. You can find out more about Christophe’s vision and artwork at catelain-art-photo.com.

    Whether you’re hanging it as a piece of art or skating your own design, create a unique skateboard graphic at BoardPusher.com.

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    Featured Deck of the Day: “Hot Butta Milk Deck” by Eric Finley Jr. 

    Eric Finley Jr. is a street art muralist who goes by the name SEVEN and he brings his graffiti style to his skateboard brand Hot Butta. As we are all children of the 80s, we appreciate the throwback to the missing children on milk cartons graphic, so we made it today’s BoardPusher.com Featured Deck.  Check out Eric’s murals at theartistseven.com, follow him on Instagram @theartistseven, or pick up one of his skateboard graphics at BoardPusher.com/shop/HotButtask8s.

    Graffiti and skateboarding have always shared a kinship and we love seeing street art decks created at BoardPusher.com.

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    Featured Deck of the Week: “Hate” by HATE of 156 Allstarz 

    We’ve got a street art styled graphic for this week’s BoardPusher.com Featured Deck. Designed by NY artist HATE of the 156 Allstarz graffiti crew, this design is influenced by futurism lettering, with colors inspired by the 1930s Superman comics, and also makes use of “Helix”, a custom background made available on BoardPusher.com by artist TFUNKGEAR. Follow HATE on instagram @hate156 for more graffiti art.

    You can upload your own designs and photos onto custom backgrounds, too. See what graphics are available on BoardPusher.com by browsing them here.

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    Featured Deck of the Week: “Pretty Dead” by Lynsi Sciaroni 

    This week’s BoardPusher.com Featured Deck is the street art influenced zombie pin-up “Pretty Dead” created by Lynsi Sciaroni. “There have been times when I’ve wanted to take a piece of graffiti and keep it. That’s the feeling I want people to get from my art.” You can find this deck along with Lynsi’s other skateboard graphics at BoardPusher.com/shop/poptosis.

    We see a lot of graffiti inspired decks come through our presses. Design your own street art skateboard on BoardPusher.com.

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    BoardPusher Art Director’s Street Art Piece Spotted 

    Looks like Ben Raybourn was in El Paso about a week after we were, so there’s a video on The Berrics of him shredding a street art piece our very own BoardPusher.com Art Director painted at the Van Buren ditch. Keep an eye out for the wild boar at around 4:40. The city of El Paso has since buffed it out.


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    THI3D THURSDAY “Street Art” Winner 


    Congratulations Rachael Smart

    The winner of the “Street Art” THI3D THURSDAY Skateboard Design Contest is “Bear Bones” designed by England based artist Rachael Smart. Rachael created the play on words graphic because it “felt right for skating itself. You are giving your all, showing everything you got – as well as breaking some bones to do what you love. The artwork is just done with uni pens and then coloured on Photoshop.” Rachael is also our first 2 time THI3D THURSDAY winner. You can see more of  her designs at http://www.rachaelsmartart.tumblr.com.

    “Bear Bones” is now available alongside other winners in the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY shop where a limited edition of 10 boards with this graphic are now available.

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    THI3D THURSDAY Skateboard Design Contest: Street Art 



    Street art and graffiti art have coexisted and often intertwined with skateboarding for decades and we want to see this balance continue. This month we would like you to design skateboards influenced by Street Art. Tags are okay, but we aren’t looking for some one dimensional sharpie doodle. We would also like to see more image based artwork depicting the bright colors and often far reaching, deeper messages of street art. Just make sure your design incorporates the theme in some way for it to be considered a valid entry.

    All entries must be received by Thursday, May 15th. What’s up for grabs is your graphic printed on a skateboard, $100, your design will be featured in the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY shop, and a limited run of 10 decks with your graphic on it available to the public. See past winners here. Check out the BoardPusher.com Contest Division to get started on uploading your entry. For full contest rules and detailed instructions on how to enter head over to http://www.BoardPusher.com/contest. GOOD LUCK!

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    THI3D THURSDAY “First Love” Winner 

    third_thursday_first_love_winner600 - Copy

    Congratulations Carlos Hebles

    The winner of the “First Love” THI3D THURSDAY Skateboard Design Contest was designed by Spanish artist Carlos Hebles. Carlos used a popular European street art style to create his first love. He describes the inspiration of the design, “Sometimes the things you really love are the worst things for yourself.” You can see more of his work at CarlosAguilarH.blogspot.com.

    Carlos’s “First Love” design is now available alongside other winners in the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY shop where a limited edition of 10 boards with this graphic are now available.

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    BoardPusher Team Rider Mitch Schmidt’s Hand Designed $TFG Series 


    Mitch Schmidt is a guyIMG_5375_300 consistently on the move. Forever on tour, when he made his way back through Colorado, we shackled Mitch to our art dungeon, threw a few canvases at him and armed him with a handful of different art supplies. Mitch busted out his sketch book, scanned through quite a few long standing deck ideas, and got to it.

    Inspired by his passion to constantly create (and possibly his obtainable freedom), Mitch knocked out quite a few graphics in a short time. We scanned the designs and let Mitch and our Art Director touch up a few things digitally and now BoardPusher team rider Mitch Schmidt has his own line of self designed skate decks up in the BoardPusher.com store. You can snag Mitch’s decks here.



    We asked Mitch to shed some light on the $TFG mentality, “It was something that sort of came about when I first started taking skateboarding a little bit more seriously. My friends and I would just sort of yell out ‘Shred the fucking gnar!’ or ‘Skate the fucking gnar!’ whenever we were out skating. I started spray painting it on my grip tape and where ever I went other skateboarders would start saying it to me. Eventually, other kids I skated and filmed with began adopting it, too, and it kind of turned into our own skate crew.”

    Mitch also elaborated a little bit on the $TFG monster (top image),”The monster just came from a sketch that I had and the want to create a simple character to represent shredding the fucking gnar. It was something that I could spray paint quickly and attach to the $TFG tag and it just evolved into sort of a mascot.”

    Check out Mitch Schmidt’s $TFG line.




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