Lee Wilson – Denver Lunchbox Series

Published On February 17, 2015 by SMC


When we first met Lee Wilson, he was just a teenage skate runt hustling people for rides to any and all skateparks in Colorado. Now, Lee is one of the most recognized figures in the Denver skate scene. From charging hips for big 360 melons to hurling himself down big stair sets, it’s common for Lee to garner a crowd as soon as he sets his sights on his next trick. Tasked with the mighty feat of getting Lee to stop skating for any amount of time, we pulled him from one of his favorite spots, brought him over to our Art Director’s backyard studio, strapped Lee with some spray paint and art supplies, and let him loose on a few DIY canvases. We also chatted with Lee about his skateboarding style, the design concept, and contents of the Denver Lunchbox.

Like most true street skateboarders in Denver, Lee spends a lot of time on East Colfax searching for stair sets and gaps.

“That’s the fun for me. Also, flip tricks all day, like if I’m going new school I like doing nollie heel noselsides, get all tech like, but my favorite old school trick, I’d have to say stapler. I go tight trucks, though. Can’t be loose in the street.”

When we asked Lee what his main motivation was he told us

“Not get hurt. I just try my hardest not to get hurt. I feel like if I go fast then it gives me more confidence to land on the skateboard”

Lee filled us in on the idea for the Denver Lunchbox series,

“So the Denver Lunchbox means to me the three things that make a good skate day. To me, if I have all those things, it’s hard to not enjoy my day. Though, If I slammed a burger before skating I’d probably have the itis. H-Burger is the best in Denver, that place is bomb.”

Lee has definitely taken advantage of Colorado’s progressive laws and let us know

“Blue dream is the best strain I ever smoked. I sat on a ledge at D-park thinking I had HD for 3 hours.”

When asked about going through the design process, Lee let us know,

“I learned how to have an artistic side. It was really hard at first figuring out where to start when creating the graphics, but with Dave’s [BoardPusher’s Art Director] guidance, the idea became a lot easier. Definitely inspired to create more, but I need some more spray paint.”

Oh yeah, the 40oz deck, can you skate hungover?

“That’s usually how I do it. Also, that’s the one thing I’ll never be too drunk to do.”



Pick up one of Lee’s hand designed Denver Lunchbox decks here and check out a clip of Lee and the rest of the BoardPusher.com team skating here.

You can create your own custom skateboards at BoardPusher.com.



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