IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: etourist skateboards BoardPusher store will be closing down on February 15th, 2022. It's been a good seven year run at trying to make this work but it just has not. BoardPusher is a great company with top quality, pro-level skateboards that I will continue to purchase for myself with my designs on them. As the number one purchaser of decks from my own store I highly recommend their skateboards. Should you wish to purchase one featuring my graphics before this store closes for good you'd make an old skateboarder very happy. Thank you to anyone who did/does buy one of my decks. I'd love to see pics of you enjoying them - maybe tag me on Instagram @etourist.tet.

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Skateboard Complete

Buy one of my skateboards and make it complete with the best components from top brands.

All my skateboards are BoardPusher, pro quality, 7 ply, 100% Canadian Maple, made and shipped from North America, supporting unique artwork created by me, Australian Artist and Skateboarder (since 1988), TET, A.K.A. 'The Extraordinary Tourist' (or my real name, David Arandle).