Published On May 24, 2023 by SMC

mike zagorski buzz aldrin astronaut painting custom skateboard graphic glow in the dark

Mike Zagorski took a break from painting race cars and their drivers to create this Featured Deck graphic of astronaut, and original moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin. Like Mike’s other custom skateboard graphics, Buzz is an original painting that Mike then digitized and uploaded to BoardPusher Skateboards to make another cool skateboard.

mike zagorski buzz aldrin astronaut painting glow in the dark custom skateboard graphic

Furthermore, Mike used the new glow in the dark skateboard base to give his graphic a unique effect. Find more of Mike’s digitized paintings on skateboards at and follow him on Instagram @mikezartwork.

Try any of our different background bases to enhance your custom skateboard graphic at BoardPusher Skateboards. Follow us @boardpusher to see how these effects have been used by other artists.

You can also make your custom skateboard graphics glow in the dark when you upload your designs at

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