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Flip Rage - The Flip'n Place To Rage!

Flip Rage - Custom Skateboards, Skateboard Gear, and Skateboard Completes

Hey there Skate Groms and Old Schoolers alike... I was tearing up a homemade halfpipe a bunch of us neighborhood troublemakers built and kept in "The Woods" in suburban Philadelphia in the '80s. And of course, there was always the small ramp dragged to the school playground:


I started to get my son Fisher into skating when he was about 6 years old. And last year he helped me to design a logo for our company, Flip Rage. It has been a slow go, but what are you going to do when your business partner is 10 years old. LOL.

As soon as we set up, we hope to see you there where we will be selling clothing, accessories and a bunch of other stuff. Flip rage is more than just skateboarding. It is a lifestyle devoted to extreme sports that involve flipping and raging - shredding, carving, tearing, grinding - Whatever it takes to let loose! 

Look for an upcoming art competetion where participants can win swag and the BIG winner will get a free deck with their art printed on it. And if you live in Greater Tampa Bay, we hope to see you at the SPoT or the New Skate Park in St. Pete   


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