Published On December 21, 2012 by SMC


A Christmas poem from our Art Director:

T’was the day before christmas and not quite yet noon,
when you realize you don’t have a gift for your skateboarding buffoon.
Suddenly you realize a BoardPusher gift certificate
will be what you pick for it.
Knowing that they will have hours of entertainment to come,
as they design their own graphic having more than enough fun.
Just when they get all nestled in bed
with visions of that custom skateboard in their head,
there will be such a clatter
as their package arrives and it just couldn’t be radder.
Away out the door they will fly like a flash,
down to the streets to get in a proper thrash.
Of course they will see that all the while,
It was you who gave them that big holiday smile.
May all your boardslides be clean and your kickflips take flight,
Merry Christmas to all, one we promise won’t bite.


We totally get it, skateboarders are hard to shop for. Just ask all of our parents. However, we have a last second gift idea for you that is sure to win over the skater in your life. This year, hook them up with a www.BoardPusher.com gift certificate. We’ve even gone ahead and calculated the price of a custom skateboard (or 2) and included the shipping into the gift certificate as well. We just know they will get plenty of entertainment and joy out of designing their own graphic and coming up with ways to personalize their skateboard. Just make sure you order your gift certificate before 2 PM eastern time on Christmas Eve so that we have time to process your order before we head out to spread our own holiday cheer.

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