Haven’t seen a Third Thursday theme that applied to your style yet?  Well, OPEN SEASON is for you!  We are leaving this month’s theme completely open.  As always, we are hunting for originality and creativity, except this month there are no guidelines.  Here is your chance to knock our socks off with whatever you think should be the next addition to the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY winners circle and shop.

All entries must be received by Thursday, September 18th. The winner will receive a skateboard with his or her winning graphic printed on it as well as $100. The design will then be featured in the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY shop alongside other winners with a limited run of 10 decks of each design available to the public. See past winners here BoardPusher will not be using the graphics for branding purposes, so the rights to the winning artwork, as well as all entries not selected, will be retained by the original artist. To enter, or for more information, go to Address any further questions to