THI3D THURSDAY Skateboard Design Contest: Collage

Published On July 19, 2013 by SMC

collage promo-1

Be patient as we thumb through your POOL PARTY! contest entries because we may actually have to take breaks to hang out in our own kiddie pool to escape this heat. In the meantime, we’re switching things up for August and asking you to take on a technique. This THI3D THURSDAY we’re looking for collages. You don’t have to follow any certain theme or be a photoshop master, just pull out your mom’s old magazines, grab a razor blade and some glue stick (because that drippy stuff just won’t do), and get to creating. Once you’re done, take a photo of your collage, or, for better results, try scanning it. If you don’t have a scanner of your own, hit up your favorite local copy place and get them to scan your collage for you. Once you’ve digitized your graphic, upload it to If you are, however, more adept at photoshop and mixed media collages, those kinds of entries are welcome, too. As always, what’s up for grabs is your graphic printed on a skateboard, $100, your design will be featured in the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY shop and a limited run of 10 decks with your graphic on it will be available to the public. Check out the Contest Division to get started on uploading your entry. For full contest rules and detailed instructions on how to enter head over to GOOD LUCK!

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