Some of the most crucial skateboard graphics are designs that mocked the mainstream and parodied classic characters or logos such as the Jeff Grosso Coca-Cola board. The industry would even make fun of itself like the early Blind spoofs of iconic Powell Peralta boards or the countless parodies of Jim Phillips’ skateboard graphics. For this month’s THI3D THURSDAY we’re looking for you to make fun of your favorite (or least favorite) pop culture reference. Give a familiar character a funny or deadly twist, turn a popular emblem or slogan into something ironic, drop a celebrity into an embarrassing or compromising situation, or simply spoof a classic skateboard graphic. It is very important that we DON’T get a Cease and Desist letter so, be sure that the design is 100% your original artwork.

All entries must be received by Thursday, January 16th. As always, what’s up for grabs is your graphic printed on a skateboard, $100, your design will be featured in the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY shop, and a limited run of 10 decks with your graphic on it available to the public. Check out the BoardPusher.com Contest Division to get started on uploading your entry. For full contest rules and detailed instructions on how to enter head over to BoardPusher.com/contest. GOOD LUCK!