As summer time heats up more and more critters are making their way out on to the streets. We are bound to run into them as we explore every alley and loading dock looking for that new skate spot. Often competing for the same territory, We want the ledge to grind and they want the food scraps to eat. This THI3D THURSDAY theme is BATS, RATS, AND SEWER CATS. We want you to make a graphic that will scare away even the toughest of rodents or one that is at least inspired by them. Enter at

All entries must be received by Thursday, July 16th. What’s up for grabs is your graphic printed on a skateboard and $100. Your design will also be featured in the BoardPusher THI3D THURSDAY shop alongside other winners where a limited run of 10 sheets of grip with your graphic will be available to the public.