This month’s theme comes with a seizure warning ’cause we’re digging out our old 3-D glasses and taking a look at the entries from another dimension. 3T is going 3-D and we want to see how far out you can get. Not sure how to go to the 3rd dimension? No problem! You know we have you covered with some design tips. Just use a repeat of your image in red and blue or watch this quick video to see how to do it in Photoshop http://youtu.be/3GsCU4wHdmg. Got it? Now go to www.BoardPusher.com/contest to enter your graphic.

All entries must be received by Thursday, November 19th. As always, have fun and there is a $100 cash prize that will be shipped to you along with your winning deck as well as a spot in the THI3D THURSDAY Shop for the graphic that draws us into its 3-dimensional world.