Published On February 27, 2023 by SMC

xraeart the light is not your friend math byler rachel ruby raymond black and white devil skull custom skateboardgraphics

This Featured Deck was created at BoardPusher Skateboards by XRAEART, “an alternative streetwear brand for the high functioning dysfunctional. Our goal is to connect with our audience through our love of pop culture, graphic aesthetic and our art.” Like all their custom skateboard graphics, “the deck designs are based off of original art created by owners Rachel Ruby Raymond and Math Byler.” You’ll find all their available skateboards at, and you can follow them on Instagram for even more artwork.

Want to add custom skateboard art to your Shopify store? Find out how here. Follow us @boardpusher to see examples of our top quality deck pressing.

The above custom skateboard graphic was pressed on the 8 Inch Popsicle deck. Customize your own 8.0 skateboard here, or browse all of our shapes at

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