Published On March 02, 2023 by SMC

sabrina sully dog skateboard custom photo print personalized gift

As a gift to her fiancé, Sabrina used a photograph for this custom skateboard. “The photo is of our dog Sully that loves to skate with [my fiancé]!” Sully looks great as a Featured Deck. You can follow Sabrina’s fiancé, Kyle, on Instagram @kyle.iggy.mccoy to see Sully as a pup.

BoardPusher Skateboards makes it really easy for you to upload photos and create custom skateboard graphics out of your own pictures. Follow us @boardpusher to see even more original skateboard designs created using every artistic medium.

create design your own custom skateboard graphic 8 inch wide popsicle deck

The 8 Inch Popsicle deck is one of our most popular custom skateboard shapes. Design one here or browse all of our skateboard decks you can customize at

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