We don’t expect you to be saints on March 17th, but wants to help you cruise to and from your destination in true St. Patty’s Day style. We’ve created this custom ale background for you to make your own “Boozer Cruzer” to rip on down to your favorite pub. Customize your complete with Indy, Venture, or Thunder Trucks and add some OJ Hot Juice wheels for maximum cruisability. This shape is also compact enough to easily hop onto any bus or cab with you in case your balance becomes a little bit compromised.

Have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend.


If you’re simply in the mood to rock some green this March, check out the BoardPusher Shops page to see some of our favorite green decks available for sale by the artists on our site. You can also do your own search for green and browse nearly 50 pages of skateboards to find one that shows your spirit.