Published On April 18, 2023 by SMC

essie diana rise above graffiti street art jump rope finger nails butterfly custom skateboard graphics

Essie Diana is a 3D design artist and had one of her creations pressed as a custom skateboard graphic with us. She said of the Featured Deck that Rise Above “alludes to the graffiti behind the character who is literally rising above by jumping rope. It also alludes to her front tooth gems that are in the design of a butterfly. It’s inspired by memories of being younger jumping rope and running around on the playground with my friends… and reintroducing that lightheartedness and playfulness as an adult. Metaphorically, this piece is about having fun and feeling free.” Follow Essie Diana on Instagram @byessiediana to see more of her artwork.

Whatever your art medium, we assure you that you can make it a custom skateboard at BoardPusher Skateboards. Follow us @boardpusher to see how other artists are doing just that.

We have 10 different popsicle deck shapes. Essie Diana had her design pressed on the 8-1/4” skateboard, which you can customize here. Find all of our custom skateboard shapes at BoardPusher.com/Custom.

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