Published On January 18, 2023 by SMC

shakerra monet pressure limited custom skateboard graphic design

Shakerra Monét designed this Featured Deck in Procreate on IPad w/ Apple Pencil. Creating in both digital and physical art “with her recent work, Monét tries to capture the essence of candid photos of a vast variety of individuals. Monét has added a unique aesthetic to all of her portraits by crossing out the eyes, creating a conversation and having the viewer look at the image as a whole. Overall, Monét wants her work to capture the essence of body positivity, representation of the LGBTQIA+ community, and most of all, highlighting black and brown individuals.” Purchase prints and limited edition custom skateboard decks from Shakerra at and follow her on Instagram @s.monet.

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create design your own custom skateboard graphic 8.5 popsicle deck

Design your own custom skateboard on an 8-1/2 popsicle deck just like Shakerra at

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