Published On July 18, 2023 by SMC

erol zendis o sees band music custom skateboard

If you visit the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles this month, you might see this Featured Deck in the Fresh Honey section. The custom skateboard created by Erol Zendis is an official O SEES skateboard. Along with seeing it at Hive (as well as Erol’s El Mond Est Flächen “mega doodle”) you can find several variants of this deck, and Erol’s other band merch skateboards, at BoardPusher.com/erolzendis. Erol eschewed all social media, so you will have to find out more about him at erolzendis.com.

Beginners and professionals alike have their custom skateboard graphics featured with us. Follow @boardpusher to see designs by those just starting out, or maybe find your new favorite skateboard artist.

design custom skateboards popsicle shape DIY skateboard art

Erol has used almost our entire arsenal of shapes for his custom skateboards, but his Featured Deck was pressed on the 7-3/4 popsicle board. You can custom design one here, or browse all of our deck specs here.

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