Published On February 23, 2023 by SMC

ben bishop sunrise tmnt nyc teenage mutant ninja turtles custom skateboard graphic

It’s well-documented that all of us at BoardPusher Custom Skateboards are huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, so we always have to share professional comic book artist Ben Bishop’s latest TMNT Featured Deck when they roll through. NYC Sunrise shows the boys enjoying the daybreak after a night of crime fighting. You can find this skateboard and Ben’s other deck designs for sale at Follow Ben on Instagram @bishart for more impressive comic book art.

Add custom skateboards to your artistic repertoire by creating pro-quality decks at Get inspiration from other skateboard artists by following us @boardpusher to see even more custom skateboard graphics.

create design your own custom skateboard graphic 8 inch wide popsicle deck

Ben likes to use the 8 inch popsicle deck for his art. You can, too, when you upload your custom skateboard graphics here or browse all of the skateboard deck shapes you can customize at

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