Published On August 29, 2022 by SMC

jeremiah neff nomad artificial intelligence art midjourney psychedelic desert burning man custom skateboard

The future is NOW with this week’s BoardPusher Featured Deck. We’ll let Jeremiah Neff tell you about its creation:

“I think this graphic is probably one of the more unconventional styles that have gone through BoardPusher. This graphic was made with artificial intelligence, specifically an image generation model called Midjourney. It works by putting in a text prompt, a description of an image, and the AI creates several images of how it interprets the text. For this one, the prompt was ‘Nomad wandering through psychedelic desert’, inspired by my friend who is currently in Nevada building various things for Burning Man and the one who got me into skateboarding in the first place. The title of the piece is Nomad. You can go to to learn more about their absolutely incredible system. I honestly can’t express how happy I am with how this deck came out, it’s going to be a birthday gift for the friend who’s currently in Nevada and I’m insanely excited to give it to him.”

With so many different ways to create custom skateboards for your friends, family, or even skate crew, why not give it a try at

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