Alright you cruising old school punks, we have some new components just for you.  We’ve added some big cushy 60mm OJ Hot Juice 78a white wheels for smooth cruising, big bowls, and stealth speed.  We also got in some 1/4 inch Dooks riser pads by Shorty’s so you can get those trucks off the board to allow for full turning radius without getting wheel bite.  Lastly, we’ve stocked up on some Independent Stage Ten Trucks, setting the standard for all setups with some extra wide 169’s for the Punk Nose and Old School decks and some 129’s for the Cruisers.  And, as always, we’ll be setting these up with Rush Premium Abec 5 Bearings, Bullet Hardware, and Jessup or BoardPusher grip tape.  We’re excited to be offering this to you because there is a reason why this was the proper setup of the 70’s and 80’s.  Find out why today and bring a taste of skateboarding history back to the streets, pools, and your life.