New BoardPusher Website

Published On October 14, 2008 by customskateboarddecks

Improved Deck Generator
The BoardPusher design tool has been redesigned and reprogrammed for more efficiency. It is faster and easier than ever to create good looking decks directly on

BoardPusher Backgrounds
You can now display the BoardPusher logo on your deck by using a BoardPusher background in your custom deck.

24-72 Hour Production
Receive your custom BoardPusher deck faster than ever before. Production time on all decks is now less than 72 hours.

Search Shop Decks
Finally shop decks can be searched, allowing users to easily find any shop deck they are looking for. For shop owners, this should help increase sales.

Sale/No Sale on Profile Decks
Display your custom decks in your public profile for everyone to see, and you will now have the choice to mark your decks for display only and not for sale. As the designer, you will still be able to purchase your deck from your account once you have logged in.

Check out the new BP

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