Published On June 06, 2022 by SMC

kota flood jacey chase charlie punk garf ostego pride month trevor project custom skateboard

This week’s BoardPusher Featured Deck was created as a tribute to Kota Flood, who unexpectedly passed away last year. Kota was an avid skateboarder, so this board was auctioned off by the Otsego Pride Alliance in upstate New York last weekend to benefit The Trevor Project. The graphic was a collaboration by artists Jacey Chase and Charlie, one of Kota’s best friends, and we are honored to have pressed the deck for this cause. You can find out more about all those involved by following them on Instagram:
Otsego Pride Alliance – @otsegopridealliance
The Trevor Project – @trevorproject
Jacey Chase’s art – @jaceychase
Charlie’s art – @punkgarf

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