Published On January 23, 2023 by SMC

elvin yong tattoo artist frenchie kabuto-samurai dog custom skateboard graphics french bulldog art

It’s been a while, but we’re stoked to share the latest BoardPusher.com Featured Deck from Singaporean tattoo artist Elvin Yong. He flipped this Frenchie into battle mode with a classic kabuto for this custom skateboard graphic. Elvin has several sick skateboards for sale at BoardPusher.com/ElvinTattoo and you can follow him on Instagram @elvintattoo.

To see even more excellent custom skateboard designs that have come through BoardPusher.com, follow us @boardpusher.

Elvin Yong got his latest custom skateboard graphic pressed on the gargantuan 9 Inch Popsicle deck and you can upload your design on to one here.

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