Published On October 03, 2023 by SMC

michael thomas old school skateboard graphic disgraceland drag queen pink flamingos

It’s been about five years since we’ve seen a Featured Deck from Michael Thomas, but we’re stoked to see he’s still out there designing skateboards for his friends. For instance, “Here’s board art that I just did for my buddy Justin Damron, who is a big fan of f’d up movies like Pink Flamingos. He is my first and only rider for my company, Disgraceland! (which will probably never exist ’cause I’m far too lazy and don’t want to pay anyone. But you never know) Anyway, congratulations Justin! Welcome to the team! (I’m not paying you)” You can see what else Michael creates at mwthomasdesign.com or by following him on Instagram @mt_industries_101.

Michael uploaded his custom skateboard graphic onto our old school deck shape here. See more examples of custom old school skateboards here, or follow us @boardpusher to see what other skateboard shapes and graphics our users are creating.

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