Published On January 23, 2024 by SMC

darien logan down low creations interglacatic gathering holographic custom skateboard design

Darien Logan created this custom holographic Featured Deck in Procreate. We asked him if there was anything he wanted to share about the design, and, well…

“Come take a seat at the table, as forces join together to discuss what has transpired over eons of galactic history. The Great Owl was summoned for the purpose of shared wisdom, in what actions might need to be taken to maintain proper flow and grace. The Watcher, also present, oversees all, and his presence ensures the safety of this sacred gathering. Are we present? The motion of the fractals can be felt within, but not seen. It takes true courage to know oneself, let alone all that there is to know. Gather your thoughts. Gather your soul. Sit down, and let the story unfold in real time. It’s about time we were invited!”

Visit Darien’s website and follow him on Instagram @down_low_creations to keep up with what he’s got going on.

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create design custom holographic skateboards

Like Darien, you can design your custom skateboard graphic on the shiny, reflective holographic base here.

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