Published On April 26, 2023 by SMC

joe vaughn honeycomb death moth purple custom skateboard graphic customizable background

Joe Vaughn is a freelance artist from Indiana, and created this Featured Deck by uploading his Death Moth art to the Honeycomb customizable skateboard background. The inspiration for this custom skateboard came from a previous painting by Joe. You can follow him on Instagram & TikTok @joevaughnart.

At BoardPusher Skateboards you can upload your own artwork and photos or even use the tools and backgrounds available in the Deck Designer to create custom skateboards. Follow us @boardpusher for examples and inspiration.

design create 7.87 custom skateboard decks with your art photos graphics

Joe uploaded his art onto the 7-7/8″ popsicle deck and then chose one of the hundreds of customizable skateboard backgrounds to enhance his image. Create your own custom 7.87 deck here.

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