Published On May 16, 2023 by SMC

funky flies jon gicewicz lisa sotero 8 ball parachute insect fly rainbow custom skateboard graphic

This Featured Deck comes from the Funky Flies NFT project, with hand created artwork by Jon Gicewicz and Lisa Sotero. The custom skateboard graphic is a Funky Fly with a few of their unique attributes. You can find out more about the project and buy their skateboards & merch at To continue their support of skateboarding, Funky Flies has “donated 100 complete skateboard decks over to the Uganda Skateboard Society.” You can follow them on Instagram @funkyfliesllc.

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design create customize mini kid custom skateboard graphics DIY

The Funky Flies custom skateboard graphic was pressed on our smallest popsicle shape, the 7-3/8” Mini/Kid deck. Get your DIY design pressed on one here, or browse all of our skateboard shapes at

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