Featured Griptape of the Day: “Sketchbook Series 02” by Squad19

Published On December 05, 2017 by SMC

Squad19 is a collective started by Minneapolis based artist Steve Tenebrini. Together they have collaborated to send several graphics through our presses. For today’s BoardPusher.com Featured Griptape, they took advantage of our different grip sizing options and produced one of their sketchbook graphics onto a 10 x 36 inch sheet that fits wider/longer shapes like our punk nose deck. Find more griptape and skateboard graphics from Squad19 at Boardpusher.com/shop/Squad19.

We offer griptape on sheets of 9 x 33 inches, 10 x 36 inches, and 10 x 43 inches. Choose a size that fits your needs and design your own custom griptape at BoardPusher.com.

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