Featured Decks of the Day: Viking Clan, Mob Wars, Pirate Clan, & Zombie Slayer by Kano Apps

Published On March 19, 2018 by SMC

Today’s BoardPusher.com Featured Decks were created by the indie gaming studio Kano Apps. “We create and run free-to-play games as a service and have established gaming communities encompassing millions of players worldwide. We recently moved to a larger office and ordered these decks as art for our entranceway. We’ve got some avid skateboarders on our team and they were pretty stoked to see these decks too. Each deck is an image of one of our characters from their corresponding game. Our in-house art and design team created the characters and the images for these decks.” Find out more at kanoapps.com.

Turn your own characters into custom skateboard graphics at BoardPusher.com.


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