These are always our favorite Featured Decks. We’ll let Esmeralda’s dad tell you about it. “I want you to know a little bit about the artist. When Esmeralda (now 6) turned 5 I asked her what sport she might think of doing now that she was old enough. Without hesitation she said skateboarding. She got her feet wet with a local skateboard lesson and enjoyed it so much I got her her first board for Kindergarten graduation. After many trips to the skateparks around town and a few weeks of classes her enthusiasm hasn’t waned. Unfortunately someone broke into our car one month ago and the only thing they took was her skateboard. She was heartbroken. When I offered to replace it she couldn’t find the perfect deck and wanted to draw her own, Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. We got to work using your template and it arrived a couple days ago, making her day. When I told her you wanted to use her design as a featured deck she got so excited she cried. Art and skateboarding are two of Esmeralda’s favorite things and now she has an opportunity to combine the two. Thank you for offering the ability to design your own skateboard and thank you for selecting her deck as a featured deck.” Aaaaaand now we’re crying, too.

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