Jon Hamm referred to this week’s Featured Deck as “Nightmare Fuel“. Based on a bit for the Conan O’Brien show when Jimmy Pardo pretends to be a minor character, Metal Detector Mike, on Baywatch, this custom skateboard was created for the Never Not Funny Podcast PARDCASTATHON in October. Tim Quick NNF Superfan explains, “The Pardcast-A-Thon is unlike any other charity benefit: there are no emotional pleas for money and no commercial breaks. Instead, Jimmy and the gang play host to over 30 guests in a non-stop, fast-paced, freewheeling format. Experience the thrill of the live event and watch the whole show, or pop in and out during the day. The comedy never stops. You can donate directly or bid on a charity auction to help the cause, or purchase and download past Pardcast-A-Thons from our archives to enjoy at your leisure – the proceeds benefit Smile Train. Be a part of Pardcast-A-Thon and share a smile today!” For more info about Jimmy Pardo’s podcast, including full episodes, head over to

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