Skateboarders taking inspiration from astronauts landing on the moon just makes sense. The Apollo 11 tribute graphic was created by Kezz Skate and it’s this week’s Featured Deck. “[A]t the age of 12… Kate wanted to create a brand that she and her friends would like… and create a place to share her vision. From designing and creating her first skateboard deck, Kate has helped guide and build Kezz skate from ‘Hey mom and dad, I want to start my own business’ to an online eCommerce business. The goal of Kezz is to shine light and positivity, and be an example to other young people that they can do anything they set their minds to.” You can follow Kezz on Instagram @kezzskate and support the brand at

Skateboarding and creating graphics is for any and everyone! We have several ways for artists and skateboarders of any age and skill level to get involved in designing custom skateboards at