Featured Deck of the Day: “The Faces of Each of Them” by Angela Achanzar

Published On April 25, 2018 by SMC

Angela Achanzar is a student at Lane Tech, a prep high school whose Art 1 teacher, Ms. Chisholm, has worked with BoardPusher.com on several projects in the past. For this one in particular “Lane Tech students in an Art 1 class with Ms. Chisholm designed and painted an image for a skateboard deck. These 10 students were then selected by popular vote to have their painted image printed on a real skateboard deck.” Angela describes her painting as one that “is inspired by the many emotions and colorful characters around me both real and imagined.” To see the rest of the custom skateboard graphics, all of which will be BoardPusher.com Featured Decks, click here.

It’s easy to digitize your hand-created art and make a custom skateboard graphic out of your own work at BoardPusher.com.

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