Featured Deck & Griptape of the Day: Fire Lake by Dave Benedict

Today we have some custom griptape added to our BoardPusher.com Featured Deck. Both were designed by Dave Benedict of squareeggvisions.com for his son. “I was commissioned to do a logo for a band that was looking for a name change. Fire Lake was the name they came up with, so I made the logo first and then was inspired to make a poster for them. Unfortunately the name was turfed and they decided to stick with their original name. I was a little bummed that my design didn’t get used so when my 12 year old son decided to take up skateboarding and I decided to relive my youth through him, I wanted to have a board that was one of my designs. This was the one he picked out of about 7 other designs I had mocked up.” Good choice. You can follow Dave on Instagram @davecbenedict or his design firm @square_egg.

After you’re done designing your own skateboard at BoardPusher.com try creating a top image with a custom griptape graphic here.