We have all been there. Valentine’s Day and you get half heart necklaces, a stupid tee shirt that says ”struck by cupid’s arrow,” or even worse, you go and get his or her name tattooed on you.  Why go through all that when BoardPusher can make a great gift that personalizes your relationship and combines that love with your love of skateboarding? Spring is coming and some spots are already unseasonably warm, so we’re going to help you with some hints to help you get what you really want.

1.  Reset your browser’s homepage to You can even go as far as having a deck pre-designed and saved to your account / in your cart.
2.  Exclaiming that you wish there was a cool way to proclaim your love while around your skate crew.
3.  Forward this email to your significant other.
4.  Order yourself a board that has his or her picture and get away with it because you’re now sporting that picture wherever you go.
5.  Leave the BoardPusher website open on the computer as much as possible.
6.  Fit the word BoardPusher into as many sentences as you can over the next few days,
“If only I had a BoardPusher deck to skate down to the store I could totally get you that ice cream.”
“Boardpusher would let me do that”
“There were a lot of girls at the skatepark today. I needed a BoardPusher deck that exploited the fact that I was taken.”
“I can’t believe that BoardPusher lets you design decks with what ever you want. Wouldn’t it be cute if I could skate a picture of you?”
“BoardPusher does not make your butt look fat.”
7.   Fake a phone call with a friend, make sure your significant other can hear and talk about BoardPusher.
8.   Leave sketchbooks open to sketches you like and add post it note to it saying, “This would make a perfect graphic to get made by BoardPusher.”
9.   Tell her how your buddy was just able to design some boards on BoardPusher and you would like to get some custom graphics as well.
10. Use one of your stickers for your last order to put on things she will see.
11. Use your boardpusher box to store all of your relationship mementos and go down memory lane this week.
12. When printing out things like recipes for her make sure you are using paper that has printout of you BoardPusher cart on the back and say you are recycling paper.

If you don’t have a significant other, BoardPusher is a great way to surprise them with a proposal.  Just have to skate by and pop your deck up.  With the right amount of smoothness its easy to let your deck do the asking for you.

Want to give a deck, but aren’t really confident with designing a board? That’s cool, we’ve got you covered. We have some Valentine-esque featured decks on the top of our artists’ shops page and check out these shop searches for “heart” here or “love” here. Or search hundreds of skateboard graphics for whatever subject that’s relevant to your relationship (maybe you both like zombies). Also, keep an eye out on our social media outlets (follow us on your favorite one by clicking on one of the links below) as we’ll be posting decks all next week that other people have designed and given to that significant skater in his or her life.

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