Published On September 07, 2023 by SMC

steve tenebrini fire skull custom skateboard art design

Everyone needs friends like Edward Atwood and Steve Tenebrini. “This was a gift to our buddy Wesley after his car got broken into and his board and his daughter’s board were stolen [they also created a board for Wesley’s daughter]. The title is Deathwish365-203, which comes from Steve’s art project last year where he drew a skull every day for 365 days and, you guessed it, this one was drawn on day 203.” They also hooked Wesley up with some Spitfire Wheels and Thunder Trucks when they made this custom skateboard complete at Steve is no stranger to our Featured Decks, and you can see more of his work here. You can follow all those mentioned above on Twitter @TheDjjDAbides, @tenebrini, and @WoodenCyclops.

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steve tenebrini fire skull custom skateboard art design

We get skateboarding is supposed to be free (and we shouldn’t have to say this), but don’t steal decks. No idea why you would want to hurt the community you’re trying to be a part of. Thanks to Edward and Steve for doing what they can to show positive support for skateboarding.

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