Deals for Black Friday and Beyond

Published On November 22, 2012 by SMC

The gift giving season is upon us and to help you avoid the crowds of insane shoppers and actually sleep in this Friday, we’d like to hook you up with some goodies to go along with your orders. Starting this Black Friday and running through the following Tuesday we will be offering you a choice of one of 4 coupons to add to your order. Just enter the coinciding coupon code during checkout. If you would like free shipping in the United States enter the code FREE US SHIP ($10 value). If you want a free BoardPusher T-shirt, enter a size specific code, either FREE LARGE TEE or FREE XL TEE. We also have some sick BoardPusher griptape designs so if you would like one of those enter FREE BP GRIP. Lastly, if you’d like a mesh BP painter hat then enter in FREE BP HAT. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep your eyes peeled for a ton of other deals and giveaways we’ll be offering throughout the holiday season.

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