Customize the NEW Retro Rocket w/ Pro-Quality Background Graphics

Published On October 10, 2020 by SMC

In case you missed it, we announced the latest addition to the arsenal this week, the RETRO ROCKET. With the same 7-ply, 100% Canadian Maple quality you’ve come to expect from us, this board also has the versatility of the modern popsicle, but with a shape and style inspired by 80s old school decks.

If you did catch the news, what you may not know is that the Retro Rocket is compatible with all of the pre-designed customizable background graphics available at So even if you’re not a professional designer you can still look like one with any of our high quality background designs. Use the text generator to add your own name and/or message to any graphic to make your Retro Rocket truly unique.

Download the Retro Rocket template here or start designing NOW in the Deck Designer.

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