Published On August 07, 2023 by SMC

mindmelter gordon lipar mad-splatter cranial overlord doctor skabz skull custom skateboard graphics

Here’s what looks to be the first of many Featured Decks from Mindmelter Skateboards. Designed by Doctor Skabz, this custom skateboard is now available alongside a few other vibrant and ghoulish designs at You can see what else they’re cooking up in their cauldron by following them on Instagram @mindmelterskateboards and @doctorskabz.

Create one-off custom skateboards or start your own brand at Follow us @boardpusher to see examples of how other creators are using our site.

create design custom skateboards graphics 8.25 popsicle skateboard deck

Mindmelter Skateboards has started off customizing deck graphics on the 8-1/4″ popsicle shape and you can, too, here. Find all of our available custom skateboard shapes at

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