BoardPusher Shop Newsletter – Custom Backgrounds

Published On February 17, 2009 by customskateboarddecks

New Custom Backgrounds

Upload a background that BoardPusher Customers can use in their designs. Custom backgrounds will be displayed along with the other backgrounds in the Deck Generator. When a customer purchases a deck with your background on it, you get $10 added to your shop profits.
Design a background, and be one of the first shop owners to offer custom backgrounds. Custom Backgrounds will go public for all customers next week, but as shop owners you can already upload your backgrounds here.

Shop Local Page Map

The Shop Local page has been redesigned with a clickable map. It is a better time than ever to join the Shop Local Program.

Share This

When shopping on the BoardPusher site, you now have the option to share links using the Share This button under the deck preview. Sharing links will help you by getting more exposure for your decks and more sales.

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