BoardPusher Selling One-Off Custom Skateboards for $50

Published On June 22, 2005 by customskateboarddecks

Crisp Graphics on Top-Notch Wood

DENVER, CO (June 22, 2005) – You can now design skateboard deck graphics on the website. The Deck Generator allows you to easily create deck graphics online regardless of your design experience, providing you with a large selection of fonts and pre-designed backgrounds. will apply your graphic to a 7-ply Canadian Maple deck and sell it to you for $50, shrink-wrapped with grip and stickers. The graphics are applied using a unique full-color digital heat transfer process, giving you a deck that looks like it just came off the shelf at a shop.

The belittlement of the importance and artistic value of decks graphics, along with the migration of wood manufacturing to China, and the overall decline in the quality of skateboards, are the main reasons has decided to start offering this service. co-founder Lucas Bond says: ‘It has taken us longer than we expected, but we are now proud to offer one-off decks that look and skate as well or better than any other deck on the market.’ has been hosting a photo forum open to public submission and comment since 2003. is owned and operated by skateboarders in Denver, CO. For more information, contact

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