Boardpusher Artist Series
Boardpusher Artist Series

It’s official, the BoardPusher Artist Series has been launched. The Artist Series currently features 2 decks and is now open to public submission. The Artist Series is available in participating skateshops only. You can now have your deck design hanging on the wall at your local shop.

We are giving our community of artists a way to get their decks into skateshops. BoardPusher will be adding decks to the Artist Series every month. If one of your designs is selected, you will receive $250 for the first edition of 100 decks. If your first edition sells out, you will receive $100 for every edition that follows.

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Skateshops can contact BoardPusher at (888) 615-8704 or for information on selling Artist Series decks in your shop. Ask about our Custom Skateboard Vouchers as well, and give your customers the ability to design their own deck!