Published On August 01, 2022 by SMC

This week’s Featured Deck, ALL CAPS, was created at by Massachusetts tattoo artist, Ben Reigle. Ben tells us he was “recently invited to… The Black Labyrinth Tattoo Syndicate’s ‘Heroes and Villains’ art show in which we had to pick a favorite character. I went with Dr. Doom almost immediately, knowing that I would flip the script and make a hybrid of Dr.Doom/MF DOOM (one of my top 3 emcees). Really happy with the piece, as well as the great job BoardPusher did.” If you’re in the Easthampton, Mass. area, check out the “Heroes and Villains” show on August 5th. Get a look at Ben’s tattoo work by following him on Instagram @ben.worse or head to to see all of his projects.

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