EROL ZENDIS - GRAVE FLOWERS BONGO BAND - BAND SERIES DECKS. "If you’re looking for some new late-sixties-style psych rock and proto punk, look no further than the new record from the LA-based Grave Flowers Bongo Band. The band debuted in 2019 with the serene psychedelia of Flower Pot but have since upped the grooves, wild guitar solos, and dexterous drum fills with their sophomore record, Strength of Spring. Backed by prolific garage psych legend Ty Segall on production and releasing on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records, the band’s sophomore record sees Grave Flowers Bongo Band evolve into a psych rock powerhouse. Light on lyrics but heavy on grooves, the record recalls the flinty guitar work and barrelling drumming of early Led Zeppelin with added touches like Stooges-esque bursts of sax and the unbridled psych freakouts of modern garage psych heroes like Osees."- Caleb Campbell (Under the radar Mag). BUY THE ALBUM/S HERE: