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EROL ZENDIS is a full-time secondary school teacher from AUS. When he’s not educating the exuberant whippersnappers in his care, spending time with his mutant family or completing boring errands, he occasionally gives birth to zany, whimsical characters; typically with a felt-tipped pen. Erol also draws awesome stuff for awesome bands... He is now putting that awesome band stuff on skateboards as part of the EROL ZENDIS SKATEBOARDS - BAND SERIES RANGE. Simply click on the links below (e.g. DR COLOSSUS) and enjoy skating over shark-filled tanks with these Erol Zendis designs. All designs are 'band approved'. VISIT THE OFFICIAL EROL ZENDIS WEBSITE HERE: WWW.EROLZENDIS.COM

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Erol Zendis - Band Series 08 - KING PARROT

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